Dealing with emotional problems on your own can be quite stressful. Not only would it severely affect your psychological well-being, but it can also spill over into your day-to-day life and affect your life, your relationships with others and more. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek professional help, whether it is for personal counselling or couple's therapy, as this licensed individual would provide you with a safe space to navigate through the emotional issue tormenting you. However, a mistake people make is assuming all they need to do is show up for their sessions and stick them out. In truth, participation is vital to ensure you are learning from your sessions. If you are about to sign up for counselling sessions, here are a couple of ways to making the most of them.

Tip 1: Be as open and honest as possible

Everyone tends to have emotional walls they put up to protect themselves from being judged by other people. These psychological barriers are a good way of protecting yourself, especially if you do not trust the people around you. Nevertheless, this is certainly not the approach to take with your counsellor. Some individuals may think that giving the counsellor a few details of the problems plaguing them would suffice but not all you will be doing is providing a clear picture for the counsellor to work with. Instead, it is best to be as honest as possible to the point of oversharing with your counsellor. By not holding back, the counsellor can help you get to the root of your problems, and this gets you a step closer to resolving them.

Tip 2: Schedule your sessions for when you feel well rested

The second suggestion to making the most of counselling sessions is to ensure they are scheduled at a time of day that you will be feeling alert and present. With work and lifestyle constraints, some people may choose to have their sessions in the late evening as they see this as the only free time in their schedule. The problem with these late sessions though is the chances you are exhausted from the day's demands and all your body and mind want to do is unwind. It would be better to try to make time in the morning or perhaps during your lunch break when you are not feeling depleted of your energy. Going into your session with a clear mind makes you better receptive to the session.